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Public Scholarship Team Participation and Opportunities

Since the 2019-2020, academic year, our Public Scholarship Team has participated and contributed to El Sol Conexion, a community arts curriculum and group founded and led by Sue Cronmiller, MFA and Manuel N. Gomez, former University of California, Irvine Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and published poet.

With the support of UC-Community Links and El Sol Conexion, our Public Scholarship Seminar Team has assisted in the creation, hosting, and/or facilitation of in-person and virtual event programs and workshops aimed to enrich the learning experiences of El Sol Science and Arts Academy of Santa Ana, California K-8th grade students.

Our Public Scholarship Team collaborations have included participating in:

  • Watercolor Workshop with Adriana Yazmin Martinez, 2019
  • Poetry Writing Workshops led and facilitated by Sue Cronmiller, 2020
  • UCI Public Scholarship Team Members: Natalie Aguilar, Keanu Hawk Gallardo, Angeles A. Rosales, and Vanessa Nicole Torres presented on their experiences and plans for their El Sol Conexion public scholarship at the UC-Community Links International Conference at UC, Berkeley, 2020
  • You Belong Here Event featuring Manuel N. Gomez, 2020
  • El Sol Academy Friendship Oral Histories Zoom Workshop Series, 2021

created and facilitated by Ana Elizabeth Rosas with the support of UCI Public Scholarship Seminar Team members: Keanu Hawk Gallardo, Ana L. Delgado, Melanie Mendoza, Wendy L. Ruiz, and Jessica Velasquez, and Cecilia Hernandez, Jenny Zavala, and Sue Cronmiller of El Sol Academy.

  • Intergenerational Imaginaries Summer Zoom Workshop Series for El Sol Academy, 2021 created and facilitated by Ana Elizabeth Rosas with the support of UCI Public Scholarship Seminar Team member: Keanu Hawk Gallardo, and Oscar Magana, Vanessa Miranda, Jenny Zavala, and Sue Cronmiller of El Sol Academy.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration this upcoming academic year, 2021-2022, via The El Sol Academy Letters Archive and Exhibition Project led by Dr. Ana Elizabeth Rosas with the support of UC-Community Links, School of Social Sciences CORCL research and travel grants program, El Sol Conexion, and Public Scholarship Team members. If you are interested in joining our Public Scholarship Seminar and this virtual event and project collaboration, please contact Dr. Ana Elizabeth Rosas at arosas1@uci.edu.

Our Public Scholarship Team members: Natalie Aguilar, Yareli Cervantes, Keanu Hawk Gallardo, Danilo Asdrubal Escobar Guzman, Mariana Machaen, Melanie Mendoza, Yamileth J. Partida, Kevin Israel Rivera, Wendy L. Ruiz, Alice G. Terriquez, Jacqueline Mary Torres, Vanessa Nicole Torres, and Jessica Velasquez have already contributed to the transcription of the letters at the center of this event and archives project.

We appreciate the amazing and energizing receptiveness and contributions of El Sol Academy students enormously. They have made this important public scholarship possible, and a meaningful learning experience and community for us all.