Our Gratitude

Our Gratitude

Our UCI Public Scholarship Team appreciates the vital accompaniment, support, and talents of

Julia Lupton, UCI Illuminations

Bill Maurer, UCI School of Social Sciences

Judy Wu, UCI Humanities Center

Amanda Swain, UCI Humanities Center

El Sol Academy of Science and Arts of Santa Ana, California Students, Educators, and Administrators

Sue Cronmiller and Manuel N. Gomez, El Sol Conexion

UC-Links, UC Berkeley

UCI Department of Chicano-Latino Studies Faculty Emeriti

UCI Department of Chicano-Latino Studies Faculty

UCI Department of History Faculty

Imagining America

Imagining America Southern California Cluster

Debbie Michel, Department Manager, Chicano-Latino Studies, UCI

Samantha Engler, Graduate Program Coordinator, History, UCI

Michelle Spivey, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, History, UCI

Cynthia Chen Bee, Financial Analyst, History, UCI

Marilu Daumm, Administrative Assistant, Chicano-Latino Studies, UCI

Dwayne Pack, Information Technology Specialist, School of Humanities, UCI

UCI Special Collections Research Library and Librarians

We appreciate the artistry of Dulce Perez and Juan Ramirez as they contributed their artistic expertise when creating the floral artwork featured in this site, Ellis Diaz and Alejandra Tantamango for their fabulous contributions to The Material of Memory, and Ricardo Alvarez, Richard Bustamante, Jennifer Keil, and Vanessa Nicole Torres for the photographs they contributed to this site.

We are grateful to Jennifer Keil and Cindy Keil of 70 Degrees for designing this site.

Lastly, our Public Scholarship Team thanks our amazing family, friends, UCI students, mentors and inspired and engaged members of our communities for their endless dedication, knowledge, example, receptiveness, and support.