Interdisciplinary Legacies Project

Interdisciplinary Legacies Project


The Interdisciplinary Legacies Project has provided undergraduate students enrolled in the University of California, Irvine’s (UCI’s) Department of Chicano-Latino Studies’ Public Scholarship Seminar with the opportunity to develop, collaborate, conduct, and record interviews with the Department of Chicano-Latino Studies’ faculty emeriti:

Dr. Vicki L. Ruiz
Dr. Raul Fernandez
Dr. Alejandro Morales
Dr. Gilbert G. Gonzalez

In April and May 2021, Public Scholarship Team members with the faculty directorship and mentorship of Ana Elizabeth Rosas conducted these interviews with each faculty emeritus as project teams via zoom. These interviews focused on documenting each faculty emeritus’s recollections of their involvement in the founding, contributions, and growth of the Department of Chicano-Latino Studies at UCI, as well as their thoughts on their own trajectories as they invested themselves in pathbreaking scholarship and civic engagement within and beyond UCI.

One June 2, 2021, during the Creatively Collaborative and Intergenerational: The Power of Inclusively Humane Archive Creation and Dissemination at the University of California, Irvine Event Program hosted and organized by Ana Elizabeth Rosas, each project team shared their presentations on the questions that resonated most after completing the interview with each faculty emeritus, as well as moments in the interview that conveyed the urgency behind documenting and preserving the contributions of the faculty emeritus.

Ana Elizabeth Rosas is currently working with UCI Special Collections librarians, faculty emeriti, and Public Scholarship project team members to have these interviews archived as a special collection on the invaluable importance of collecting the institutional history of the Department of Chicano-Latino Studies for students, the Department of Chicano-Latino Studies, the UCI campus, the fields of Chicana/o/x and Latina/o/x Studies, and audiences interested in the Chicana/o/x and Latina/o/x experiences. As soon as this special collection is completed and available, we will post information on how to access it on this website.

Most recently, Rosas developed and looks forward to teaching Interdisciplinary Legacies, an upper-division undergraduate course for students interested in learning more about and from the leadership and scholarship of the Department of Chicano-Latino Studies faculty emeriti, as well as the formative qualities of investing in a diversity of approaches to archive creation and dissemination.

Public Scholarship Team Contributors: Natalie Aguilar, Yarely Cervantes, Ana L. Delgado, Keanu Hawk Gallardo, Mariana Machaen, Melanie Mendoza, Wendy L. Ruiz, Alice G. Terriquez, Jacqueline Mary Torres, Jessica Velasquez, and Ana Elizabeth Rosas are collaborating towards bringing this archival project to fruition.

Yarely Cervantes, Mariana Machaen, Melanie Mendoza, Wendy L. Ruiz, Natalie Aguilar, Ana L. Delgado, Jacqueline Mary Torres, and Ana Elizabeth Rosas transcribed the Interdisciplinary Legacies Project interviews.

Dr. Raul Fernandez, Dr. Alejandro Morales, Dr. Vicki L. Ruiz, and Dr. Gilbert G. Gonzalez, as well as the project sponsorship of UCI’s Humanities Center, Office of the Dean of the School of Social Sciences, UC-Community Links, and the Departments of Chicano-Latino Studies and History have made this project possible.