Imagining America

Imagining America

Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life (IA) “is committed to bringing people together as our full selves in critical yet hopeful spaces to imagine better ways of living, learning and working together.”

Our Public Scholarship Team has been involved and contributed to the goals orienting our IA engagement.

Ana Elizabeth Rosas has promoted IA collaborative research and learning activities and opportunities provided by IA among UCI students. These IA opportunities include participating in the conceptualization, preparation, and presentation of IA National Gathering panel session proposals, advising and mentoring undergraduate students as they apply for IA fellowship, presentation, and publication programs, and fundraising for undergraduate students to travel to present their public scholarship research at the annual IA National Gathering.

Such collaborations and learning experiences have paved the way for UCI students’ involvement in the IA Southern California Cluster (2017-2020), making it accessible for them to present on their IA experiences and to learn from and connect with seasoned scholars and students dedicated to forging collaborative learning spaces and communities.

Thus far, our Public Scholarship Team members have been awarded, participated, and/or presented their approaches and perspectives to public scholarship via the following IA-related pathways and spaces:

IA Joy of Giving Something (JGS) Fellowship Recipient:
Jocelyn A. Contreras, 2018

UCI Undergraduate Student Attendance and Presentations at Annual Imaging America National Gatherings held at:

University of California, Davis, 2017

Chicago, Illinois, 2018

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2019

Sentimientos y Terrenos (Feelings and Terrains)
Summer Undergraduate Research Workshop Series and Imagining America Digital Quilt, 2020:

In September 2020, Ana Elizabeth Rosas mentored UCI undergraduate students, Melanie Mendoza and Jahaira Pacheco, and UCI alumna Alice G. Terriquez as they developed and contributed their creative response to the COVID-19 pandemic for the Imagining America Annual Zoom National Gathering Project, Through Tumultuous Times: Rebuilding and Reimagining ‘America’ Community Memorial Quilt.

Each of their contributions is featured as part of this digital memorial quilt and reflects the resonance of their Sentimientos y Terrenos (Feelings and Terrains) experience.

This series brought together 14 UCI undergraduate students and alumni who participated in this two-month zoom summer undergraduate workshop series created and led by Rosas to remain connected to each other through their consideration and discussion of civically engaged research as they navigated the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Public Scholarship Team looks forward to continuing to participate and learn from Imagining America and the opportunities it makes possible.

Our IA public scholarship activities have been supported by the generous faculty participation of Alejandro Morales and Vicki L. Ruiz. UCI’s Humanities Commons, UCI’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Office of the Dean of the School of Social Sciences, and the Departments of Chicano-Latino Studies and History have provided administrative support and funding for reading materials and IA National Gathering travel expenses.