The Enduring Dangers of Essentializing Labor and Laborers

April 13, 2021


This Public Scholarship Team zoom event was an opportunity to learn more about and from an upcoming special issue co-edited by George Lipsitz, Abigail Rosas, and Ana Elizabeth Rosas for Kalfou: A Journal of Comparative and Relational Ethnic Studies that centers on the under-examined and dangerous erasures and rigors of essentializing laborers and labor across a diversity of contexts, locations, and relationships.

It provided audiences to consider the following special issue themes:

The Dangerous Essentialization of Education

Dangerously Essentialized Laborers and Labor

Relational Approaches to Belonging and Exploitation


Throughout this day-long virtual event, audiences had an opportunity to learn from featured guest scholars: Misael Diaz , Elizabeth Farfan-Santos, Felipe Hinojosa, Janelle Levy, Mario Alberto Obando, Christian Paiz, Abigail Rosas, Ana Elizabeth Rosas, Amy Sanchez-Arteaga, Damien Sojoyner, Lilia Soto, and Salvador Zarate.


The opportunity to learn from a compelling keynote presentation by George Lipsitz, co-author of Insubordinate Spaces: Improvisation and Accompaniment for Social Justice and SaludArte: Building Health Equity on the Bedrock of Traditional Arts and Culture made this zoom event an invigorating experience for participating audiences.


Public Scholarship Team members: Jacqueline Mary Torres and Wendy L. Ruiz supported this event through their presentation of invited guest scholars.


This event was organized and hosted by Ana Elizabeth Rosas and sponsored and/or funded by the UCI Humanities Center, Office of the Dean of the School of Social Sciences, and the Departments of Chicano-Latino Studies and History.



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