Creatively Collaborative and Intergenerational

Creatively Collaborative and Intergenerational: The Power of Inclusively Humane Archive Creation and Dissemination at the University of California, Irvine June 2, 2021   This zoom event was an opportunity to engage in a relational and interdisciplinary approach to discussing and learning about our Public Scholarship Team’s Interdisciplinary Legacies Project and the pathbreaking scholarship of Dr. Robb Hernandez, Associate Professor, English, Fordham University, author of Archiving an Epidemic: Art, AIDS, and

Borders, Emotions, and Imaginaries

Borders, Emotions, and Imaginaries: Magnifying Immigrant Experiences and Immigrant Histories October 2018   The multi-sited and generationally diverse experiences and histories underpinning scholarship on borders, emotions, and imaginaries at the heart of immigrant experiences and immigrant histories framed our conceptualization of this October 2018 book display exhibit for the University of California, Irvine’s (UCI) Off the Shelf and On Display exhibits series hosted by UCI’s Langson Library and led by Christina