Borders, Emotions, and Imaginaries:

Magnifying Immigrant Experiences and Immigrant Histories

October 2018


The multi-sited and generationally diverse experiences and histories underpinning scholarship on borders, emotions, and imaginaries at the heart of immigrant experiences and immigrant histories framed our conceptualization of this October 2018 book display exhibit for the University of California, Irvine’s (UCI) Off the Shelf and On Display exhibits series hosted by UCI’s Langson Library and led by Christina J. Woo.


Our team’s curating, installation, and sharing of this book display was energized by our dedication to promoting visible and public access to learning more about the emotive configuration, range, and toll of the immigrant experience, immigration history, and immigration laws within and beyond the United States through rigorous and humane scholarship.


Each of the collaborations and publications framing the scholarship at the center of this book selection and display exhibit aspired to inspire an informed approach toward the immigrant experience, immigration histories, and immigrant rights with urgency and evidence.


Public Scholarship Team Contributors: Maria Abigail Alvarez, Petra de la Cruz, Daniel A. Garcia, Jonathan Orozco, and Dulce Perez with the faculty advisement of Dr. Ana Elizabeth Rosas.

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